HANDO®: Research and sales
of traditional natural products

The company HANDO® stands for natural dietary supplements: Hando not only sales Maca, Reishi and Nopal in Europe, but also campaigns for the investigation of the natural products.

The trading and sales company HANDO® has a clear objective: it wants to distribute the knowledge about traditional natural products and according dietary supplements with great commitment and pioneering spirit onto the European market.

HANDO® distributes:

  • Reishi: the chinese medical mushroom from traditional chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Nopal: the mexican prickly pear with therapeutic properties
  • Maca: the „natural viagra from the Andes“ without side effects

Apart from the distribution the company considerably contributes the information on alternative remedies and the investigation of natural products.

Managing director
Karl-Heinz Dolinschek

Karl-Heinz Dolinschek is the managing director of the HANDO® trading company. After his studies in medicine he completed a training in traditional chinese medicine (TCM) in Taiwan.

Since then Karl-Heinz Dolinschek concerns himself intensively with medical plants and took part in many study visit in the eastern asian and south american regions. Karl-Heinz Dolinschek is author of numerous books, for example „Heilen mit dem Reishi-Pilz“ or

„Die heilenden Kräfte des Nopal-Kaktus“ and “Maca – die heilige Pflanze der Inkas”. With his publications the businessmen pleads for the notice of alternative dietary supplements – in highest quality – in the german speaking region. Apart from that he runs studies to prove the natural effectiveness of the plants together with the university of Graz.

Production under attention of strict quality criteria

In regard to production and the treatment HANDO® relies on high quality: All products correspond to the NEM regulation. In the production of the Reishi extract only the sporiferous parts of the vitality mushroom are used. For the production and consumption of Handos “Maca gelatinizada” the company exclusively uses Maca roots from organic farming. And for the production of Nopal powder HANDO® exclusively uses cactuses from pristine ecosystems.